Starting a new venture for 2019! While I stay pretty busy with all the weddings and other work my employer has me doing (, definitely check us out for anything wedding, family, as well as HD video and much more!) I kind of felt like doing something a bit different. I LOVE working with and around animals so this year I have decided to start offering pet photography services. Lets get that special furry little friend a close up!

Also, with this website being for my own personal work and enjoyment you may notice it changing quite often or sometimes not at all (everyone needs a break from the internet sometimes). I consider myself a pretty down to earth person and generally pretty laid back, so if you are also this same type of person we will get along great!

As for some of the gear I like to use… Most of the time its Canon, but lately I’ve also been into shooting with the Fujifilm cameras. Godox lighting also has been pretty great so far.